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Collection: Bunny or Small Animal Flop / Bedding Pads

Our furbabies love to have soft areas to relax just as much as we do!  For bunnies, they have extra delicate feet, and if they don't have soft areas to rest on, they can develop painful sore hocks.  Our flop pads are just the answer to that problem.

Additionally, many traditional pet pads that you buy at the store are made with synthetic materials and may be too puffy for a small animal to keep their balance...then you worry if they pee on it, how are you going to wash it?

Our cotton flop pads are made with 100% cotton flannel or cotton quilting material, 4 layers of high loft cotton batting (no scrim) and 100% cotton thread - great for chewers who may enjoy nibbling at their bedding, but still need something.

Our fleece listing is made out of 2 pieces of 100% polyester, and 4 layers of 100% cotton batting, and is sewn down with 100% cotton thread.  Fleece has an advantage of being warmer, and if your furbaby accidentally pees on it, it will allow the urine to filter to the cotton below and can help keep their feet a bit dryer.  However if your fur baby is a chewer this may not be the best material as the polyester fleece is synthetic.

You can either choose for a premade flop pad or you can have fun designing your own pad by choosing your own two prints.  Either way, you will get two looks in one pad, just flip it over!

In our Design Your Own Flop Pad listings, you also have the option of purchasing our medium flop pad size, measuring approximate 16" x 21" or the IKEA doll bed pad size of 13" x 20" (this size is also great for carriers too). We have also added on a larger 20" x 20" size flop pad, great for bigger buns or for multiple buns. 

All pads are washable - preferably in cold water and low heat or hung to dry.


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