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Collection: Bunny Bedding Sets - Design Your Own or Pre-Made

Our 100% Cotton Bunny Bedding Sets are designed to fit the IKEA Duktig style doll beds which you can purchase for a very reasonable price at IKEA and even on Amazon. These are a great upgrade from the original bedding as the pad is much thicker... Which will help to protect uour babies sensitive soft feet and you can choose prints to match your rooms decor. The pad is also great on its own and is the perfect size for carriers. 

Our bedding set includes a bedding pad made up of 4 layers of 100% cotton high loft batting (no scrim added).  As well as includes a blanket made out of same 2 pieces of flannel and a pillow which is stuffed either with an all natural cotton batting or a synthetic poly batting (the cotton batting is better for chewers, while the poly batting is good for non chewers as it stays puffy after washing).

This collection includes some sets that we have already put together for those who may have a hard time deciding :)  But if you feel creative and would like to put your own set together, we have a Design Your Own listing that you can visit. 


Everything in the store is crafted with love by myself with Bunspector Lychee overseeing my work and doing the final inspection before shipment.  There is no smoking in our home, and only Lychee has access to our craft room.  All material is prewashed in our own homemade nonchemical detergent.

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