Mahalo for visiting us! All items for hoomins ship for a flat $4.50. And most bedding and pads include the price of shipping in the cost, unless otherwise specified :) All bedding with the exception of the polyester fleece option is 100% cotton - bunny chew safe!



How long does it take to ship?

For bowl cozies, key fobs, masks and other premade items; it will take me up to 2 business days to ship the order...barring any other unexpected events.

For custom bed sets and flop pads...because they take me so long to make one; I usually have a couple days of the week that I focus just on constructing them.  As long as I'm not inundated with orders, you can expect that your set or flop pad will be completed within 5-7 business days of your order and will be mailed out promptly.  However, a lot of the time, I have it done in about 3 business days.  If I'm going to take longer than usual, I will try and contact you to let you know of the delay.  

About our shipping...

We are located in Hawaii and the cheapest, fastest service from here worldwide is our United States Postal System.  Most of our items fit in the "First Class Mail" classification (unless you order several!).  So for those living in Hawaii, this means you will get your items 1-2 days after I hand the package to USPS.  In the mainland, it will still be relatively fast!  Most packages (depending on what is going on with USPS) will arrive within 5 business days. If you order more than one pad or bed set, your order will most likely be sent via Priority Mail, if that is the case you will get it even sooner.

I've seen very few delays, but it has happened in the past.  I cannot control what USPS does with your package after I leave it in their hands; but I do care very much that you are cared for.  If you have not received your package in over a week, please reach out to me via messaging on my page or you can contact me via email at, and I will do my best to find out what happened or will do something to help you out otherwise. 

Do you ship Internationally?

We would love to be able to ship to you anywhere, however, the prices to ship from Hawaii to other countries can be quite high.  If you reach out to me, I can definitely try to work with you to see how much it will be, and if it's reasonable to you then I will most gladly set up a listing for you. We do have one listing set up for our bedding sets, if you enter your information it should let you know the cost of shipping to your country. If you would want another item I can set up a listing for you. 

You can also estimate the cost also...Our bed sets weigh about 1 lb or a little less, and our cotton flop pads weigh about 15 oz and the fleece about 14-15 oz.  Our bowl cozies weigh about 1.5 oz and key fobs 0.8 oz, the face masks about 1 oz.  To Canada, it seems like the prices are a bit more reasonable. If it is one bed set it will be around $15 for shipping, but jumps about $10 more for each additional lb up to 4 lbs.  To other countries, the price starts at about $25 USD...I ship USPS First Class International Packages.  Another consideration is customs fees, which you would be responsible for - you may want to research that also.

About Returns

I really try my best to describe in detail every item I sale so you know what you are getting, as well as I try to take the most accurate pictures that I can - however it is with my phone's camera, so try as I may, the color may not be the most exact exact and occasionally I may miss seeing something (as I'm aging my eyesight is waning a bit and a lot of the work I do at night so it's even harder to see). But I do try and double/triple check everything before I send it out to make sure it's exactly what you ordered.  However, if I do miss something, or you feel it's not exactly as described please message me either through the messaging on the page or through email.  I do want you to be happy so will accept returns if the item is not as described or you receive it damaged because of some fault of my own (I cannot control what USPS does to the package though or what happens before you open it).

Please keep in mind I am not a big company at all, when you talk about small scale, I'm about as small scale as it goes; so I can't do what big companies can do for you.  But I will definitely do what is reasonable and a lot of times more than what is necessary to make things right.  Just please be kind knowing that if something did come to you with something wrong with it, it was definitely not done on purpose, it will purely be out of my own imperfection that it was missed!  The kinder you are, the more I will go out of my way to be kind to you, as that is what I always try to be and expect the same from others 😊

If it's my fault I will be the one who will foot the bill for the return; however if you just change your mind or if it's something that you may have missed in the description (like you thought the bedding came with a bed, or you thought the rabbit came with the bed or the bowl came with the cozy, when that's not in the description and clearly not the intent) then you will have to pay for the return shipping.  Sorry, it's just the fair thing to do!  But I am willing to accept the return in the same condition that I sent it to you in; it needs to be in a condition so I can resell it, and I can refund you for the price of the item itself.

About where the items have been stored, and how they are prepared

We have our materials stored in plastic containers in our home.  None of us smoke or use perfumes.  I have my bunny Lychee that is a free roaming bunny who likes to bunspect items; as well as Scuttles my house pigeon who is usually in his chateau and does not go near the fabrics or items. 

I prewash all our flannel or quilting cotton, and they are all washed with seventh generation's non toxic detergent, or my own homemade non toxic detergent which consists of non scented castile soap, Baby Oxyclean, and Arm and Hammer washing soda.  All rated by the EWG website as non toxic.  If you would like the recipe, I would love to share it with you!  We use it for our own clothes also - great if you have allergies or are concerned about sneaky added chemical fragrances.

How do I keep my bedding looking new and soft?

The best way to do this is by keeping it cool...low temperature when washing and low temperature when drying.  It also helps to add 1/4-1/2 cup of white vinegar to the fabric softener section of your washer when washing.  And please do not add dryer sheets, it will keep the material from being able to wick any moisture; and honestly the chemicals in it are not good for your bun or yourself.  The vinegar will help keep it soft and will help retain the and will clean your washer while it's working!  You really can't smell it after you dry it unless you sweat all over it...and if it's your bunny bedding you wouldn't be doing that :)   If you can hang dry the bedding, it will be even better if you can ensure it will dry the direct sun would be best.

What happens if my bedding shrinks?

Because the bedding is made out of 100% cotton inside and out please expect that it will...the best way to avoid too much shrinkage is by following the directions above.  However if it does shrink, you can tug and pull at the pad to reshape it.  It may not go to 100% the size but it will come very close to it.  For that reason, I do try and make the bed and castle pads a bit bigger than the actual bed or area for the castle itself.  

What is the difference between flannel and fleece?

The flannel that we use is 100% cotton that has been brushed to make it soft.  The fleece is 100% polyester.  

There is debate over which material is better for bunnies, as they have a tendency to chew on whatever they may have.  I did quite a bit of research on which is better and I see the point of both sides of reasoning.  However for myself, I tend to always go for what is more natural for the bunny.   Bunnies are able to nibble at cotton in nature...Not so much pieces of polyester.  The suggestion I found on the House Rabbit Society was for cotton. Some may be concerned about the cotton fibers that are weaved in towels entwining with other materials in a bunnies gut (note: we do not use towels in our is pure cotton in a roll and can easily be pulled apart by hand, in fact if Lychee gets to the roll he likes to lick it until I stop him).

Yet neither are good for them to ingest in large quantities; much like cardboard is not good in large quantities - as any of it can cause blockage in their tiny ducts leading off into their stomachs and out of their stomachs.  So please, if you notice your bun is eating a lot of any material; do not let them keep on chewing, the last thing you want to experience is a bunny with bloat. 

We do offer fleece flop pads as many bun owners feel safe with letting their buns have it...A lot of buns do not chew their pads...both my Mochi and my Lychee did not and do not chew at any of them.  Some feel that if they do chew it, the fibers are not long like in a cotton towel, and so it will break up into smaller pieces. However, eating plastic isn't such a great idea either.  It is a chemical substance even if it is broken in little pieces.  But it is a good choice for those buns who do not chew at their pads in that it is a warmer fabric and for those buns who may do liquid accidents, the liquid will drain to the middle of the pad and keep their feet dry at the top.

Why do your bed sets and pads cost more than others?

We do our best to keep our prices as low as we can go without working like we are getting minimum wage back in the early 90's, however the cost of the 100% cotton batting in our pads and in the pillows are a lot more than the synthetic materials used in many other pet pads, and we feel is worth it as it is safer for everybun.  Additionally, we have upped the amount of layers that we originally included in our bed sets and pads a year or more ago to provide a little more cushion, so that had to be included in the price also.  Not to mention it takes me about 1 1/2 hours for each set and 45 minutes for a pad to make - I pull the material, measure, cut, then iron each piece.  I have to find the matching thread color for each side, then sew it down initially; then I flip it out, then hand sew it shut twice; then I go back to the sewing machine and top stitch it.  Then if I make a mistake, it takes even longer as I have to unstitch then restitch!  ;)