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Other Bunny Shops, Organizations and Products We Love

My Lychee is my fifth bun over the span of 35 plus years; and through the years I've found some valuable resources and stores and products that I've found or been introduced to that has helped enhance the life of my buns :)



paw-kreations (

Bunny mom Lillian, and dad Mike, make and sell delicious Paw Kookies made with all natural ingredients.  My Mochi used to, and Lychee goes crazy for them! They are so good, I actually use them to encourage him to model :)  They also hand build from solid wood castles and other bunny safe structures for which we also make castle padding for. Go check them out!


HOME - Rabbit Savior

Rabbit Savior is a unique organization that we are a part of.  They are aiming to change the narrative to bunny care.  They offer supplemental bunny care plans, as well as reliable bunny care info.  They also have a fund my bun program which is like a go fund me but you receive 100% of the proceeds to help cover emergency care for your bun.

Lychee has a tendency to drink to little bit water and he must have the tiniest gut pipes ever as he starts going into stasis at least a couple times of year.  Among other things the Sherwood Digestive Support have helped to really minimize how often this happens.

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My Lychee came with me eating two different pellets, and then I tried a different pellet.  It was so odd how his urine had such a strong smell. I had used Sherwood Pellets successfully with my Mochi bunny before so switched my Lychee to them as I did with my Mochi and the urine smell is gone!  He's such an energetic bun and I think the Sherwood pellets have a hand in that.

If you click the link we also get credit for this thru the Amazon Associates program :)  But we are only recommending what we've found works for my Lychee and my past experience with my Mochi.