Mahalo for visiting us! All items for hoomins ship for a flat $4.50. And most bedding and pads include the price of shipping in the cost, unless otherwise specified :) All bedding with the exception of the polyester fleece option is 100% cotton - bunny chew safe!

Where to buy the structures we make pads for

In case you were wondering where to purchase the castles that we offer pads for you can follow the links below. 😊

We have a few of them ourselves, but by no means all of them.

So the sizes of the pads we have for the castles we do not own ourselves are based off of requests made by customers. Hopefully their measurements are correct!

If you find your structure isn't listed please reach out to me and I can help determine a price.

Please note if the link is to an Amazon product we may get credit for the referral. Mahalo!



Biggun B model

Bissap Wooden Rabbit Hideout

Erkhoon Large Rabbit House

Happy Henry's Rabbit Castle (old and new design should fit)

NEW DESIGN Rabbit Castle With Bunny Cutouts & Tunnel - Etsy

Rabbit Castle Kit Formaldehyde Free Non Toxic Wooden Slot - Etsy

Hiimalex Sturdy Bunny House with Spacious Perch

Woiworco Extra Large Rabbit House

Woiworco Large Rabbit House